What's an adventure?

I watched a highly enjoyable film last night. If you have 25 minutes to spare, so should you:

Aside from a slight lack of variation in Kyle Dempster's vocabulary (everything is 'sick' and he is always 'stoked', see this article for further discussion), this is a beautiful documentary about someone willing to step into the unknown. He also gets a two thumbs up from me for doing it on a bicycle!

Kyle concludes: "Real adventure is not polished... It burns brightest on the maps edges, but it exists in all of us. It exists at the intersection of imagination and the ridiculous..."

I like this sentiment very much - go find adventure! But what is adventure? To me, adventure doesn't have to mean throwing yourself naked into a raging river in Eastern Europe, all alone. Adventure doesn't have to be death-defying, and it doesn't even have to be something no one else has done before. It's more about pushing your personal boundaries.

So go out, and hike or bike or run far. So far that you think you probably should turn back by now. Then go a little bit further, further than you actually thought you could. Find a place you've never seen before. Go with a friend if you want, or go alone if it's more convenient. And maybe, in the moment when you've pushed yourself past the edge of your mental map, you will see the world just a little differently.

That is your adventure.

- The Wild Bazilchuk


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