In order to make is easier to peruse this blog, I've complied this page as a chronology of the major adventures/trips.


- April: Bikepacking the Coconino Loop in Arizona: [part 1][part 2][part 3]
- The Summer of Adventure: [Rondane][Trollheimen][Innsbruck][The Dolomites]


- January: Skiing in Hokkaido, Japan
- April: Easter in Sunnmøre
- May: Long weekend in Tafjordfjella
- June: Food and running in China and Taiwan
- August: Honeymoon! [part 1][part 2]


- March: Easter ski traverse of the Jotunheimen Haute Route
- May: Ski mountaineering in Lyngen [part 1][part 2][part 3]
- June: Road bike riding through the French alps [part 1][part 2]
- September - November: Three months living and adventuring in and around Kyoto, Japan
- December: One week in the Philippines [part 1][part 2][part 3]


- April: Easter ski trip to Sogndal [part 1][part 2][part 3]
- May: Ski mountaineering in Lyngen
- June: Mountain biking and other adventures in Scotland [part 1][part 2]
- September: Bike touring along the Adriatic coat [part 1][part 2][part 3][part 4][part 5][part 6]
- November: Mountain biking in Morocco


- March: Ski touring in the Lyngen Alps and Tromsø [part 1][part 2]
- April: Easter mountain bike trip in coastal Norway [part 1][part 2]
- July: Hiking the John Muir Trail [part 1][part 2][part 3][part 4][part 5][part 6][part 7][part 8][part 9][part 10]
- August: Mountain biking road traip in Utah, California and Arizona
- November: Mountain biking in Spain


- February: Ski trip in the Swiss and French alps. [part 1][part 2][part 3]
- March: Attempt to summit Monte Rosa on skis
- April: Bagging 4000m peaks in the Swiss alps
- August: Glacier travel course
- October: Mountain biking on Madeira. [part 1][part 2]


- July: Peak bagging in Jotunheimen [part 1] [part 2]
- August: Tour de Mont Blanc by mountain bike
- October: Mountain biking in Morocco [part 1][part 2]