I went for a run today.

I ran slow. Sometimes I ran a little faster. But mostly I ran slow, through the forest carpeted with leaves and needles. On sharp rocks. Then on smooth, hard asphalt. My sins are all on Strava.

Sometimes I wish I was capable of following a training program. I wish I could faithfully and methodically complete intervals, long runs and rest days. But only my muses are allowed to tell me how I exercise. (If I ever met my muses, I'd give them such a swift kick in the toga...)

Then I bought a pair of shoes. They're pretty ugly, as ugly as only FiveTen can make shoes with Stealth rubber:

...which you may or may not realize means these are mountain biking shoes.

Also Casper got new tires and new break wires. So now even he's realized... we're going on a trip!

Tomorrow I'm jetting off to the island of Madeira, Portugal for a week of enduro biking (who would go somewhere like that to lie on the beach?! :P) It's going to be a repeat on the Morocco trip last year, in new surroundings.

So watch the blog for pictures and a trip report!


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