Vitamin Ski

The November Blues arrived shortly after I returned from Morocco. Grenoble had become a dark, lonely place, and the grueling French school system often kept me occupied until well after sunset. Where I had seen endless possibilities of hiking and biking trips earlier this year, I only saw wet trails in the dark.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel of in-between seasons that is the month of November. The start of a new season; the return of vitamin ski. Today, I finally got it and the dose has cured me - at least for now.

Sophie admires the view from the top of the Grand Motte lift, Tignes
Tignes in Haute-Savoie has lifts that go all the way up to 3400 meters, and is also partially located on a glacier. So the skiing there is pretty much year round. A light dusting covered the mountain tops around and the sun shone gloriously.

I combed the hills for possible powder stashes - and managed to make a few joyful turns in fresh, loose snow. The snow cover wasn't great however, and even the tiniest of offpiste expeditions was likely to hit a few rocks.

Sparse cover in the valleys, but winter is coming!
This was day 1 this season - I can wait to see how many I can do this year!

- The Wild Bazilchuk


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