Being sick: the Wild Bazilchuk guide

First, go for a really really long bike ride to make sure you actually get good and sick.

My friend David, an exclusive member of the Grenobloise League of Coughing Cyclists, enjoys the view of Vercors from Haute Jarrie.
I'm enjoying the view, too, because...
... I found the chateau again! (This time I had my real camera with me)

Once you are really good in sick, you can lie in bed and feel sorry for yourself:

Me lying in the bed in the middle of the day, feeling sorry for yourself
It helps if you read about or listen to podcasts about cool things that other people are doing. Also look at pictures of mountains. Or just take a short walk, while wheezing and coughing, and look at the beautiful, snow-frosted mountains of Belledonne that touch the sky east of campus.

Then watch the Sound of Music, the best movie ever. This has been my favorite movie since I was really little (just ask my mom), and I think that me singing all the songs while coughing is something everyone really should get to see.

The Sound of Music: singing, happy people, big mountains, and Nazi. What more can you ask for, really?
You can also finish that knitting project you've been working on since July. It's a...
Now that you've been sick for a while, you can go to the doctor. He will tell you you have the same rhinovirus which as smitten the rest of Grenoble. And also give you codeine cough sirup.

Codeine cough sirop (def): a drug to make you sleepy so you will forget how bored you are being sick in you dorm room

The good news is: I'm (finally) feeling better! That is, until I've done what I plan to do this weekend...

- The Wild Bazilchuk