How to greet the new year

First, go out on a frozen lake and dig a hole in the ice. Useful tools are an ax,

Chop that ice!
an ice drill,
Drilling through a layer of slush and water
a second ax for when the first one breaks,

There is ice at the bottom of the icy pool of water - and we are going to chop through it, or bust!
and a shovel.

Once you've made bathtub-sized hole in the ice and lugged the chunk of ice the size of a 10 year old out, take a moment to enjoy what you've done.

How many engineers does it take to drill a bathtub-sized hole in 40 cm of ice? Four and half (that would be me)

The next morning, it's time to truly enjoy the work of art you've created.
Kai takes the plunge
It's not nearly as cold as it looks, except for that your feet turn into blocks of ice.

Ingrid is refreshed and no longer hungover after yesterday's festivities
If the sun comes out, take the time to enjoy. It is, after all, Norway in the middle of the winter - the amount of sun is limited!

Kenny has spent the last year in Ghana and it has been far to long since he really got to cool off.
If you forgot your towel, don't worry. A good roll in the snow will get you nice and dry.

Audun rolls
How do you greet the new year?

- The Wild Bazilchuk