Dear LaSportiva

Dear LaSportiva,

I fell in love with your LaSportiva Quantum trail running shoes.  And then they broke my heart.

From their narrow profile that fit my feet like a glove to the funky purple and green colors to the wavey tread that actually works on slippery terrain, I thought that these were the shoes for me. I would search no more, I was ready to tie myself down to one pair of shoes.

My favorite pair of trail running shoes.
That is, until six months later, I noticed this starting to happen:
Exhibit 1
Exhibit 2
I didn't even run that much this summer. In fact, I spent most of the summer biking (just read the backlog of my blog). But somehow, running once a week or less, I ground my lovely LaSportiva Quantums into the ground.

So dear LaSportiva, can you please make me the same shoes, but more robust?

- The Wild Bazilchuk

P.S. If any LaSportiva executives read this and feel a deep need to send me new shoes, please comment below and I will give you my contact info.