Merry Christmas!

The long-awaited White Christmas has come to mid Norway, and we’ve been out enjoying the new fallen snow in the slanted December light. From winter camping in the public forest in Trondheim...


Audun tests a windboiler (check out Dad’s review) after a night bivying in Estenstadmarka

…to riding our bikes to the trailhead for cross-country skiing...


Note the skis on the backpack. This is at the parking area where everyone else had driven cars to the trail head… We were the only two people stupid enough to bike up!

…to taking advantage of the new fallen snow cover at Oppdal...


Headed up Storhornet outside of Oppdal on Sunday. The snow barely covered the terrain, but we got in some nice turns nonetheless.

…to finally finding POW! in Viromdalen yesterday...


Joar explodes through the trees on the way down. It was a grey, snowy day, but there was nearly a meter of fresh snow, making trail breaking like interval training!

…to a contemplative hike down to the fjord at Tingvoll!


Audun enjoys the sunset at Øygardsneset in Tingvoll, today.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful season as much as I am!

- The Wild Bazilchuk


  1. That looks like so much fun. My White Christmas doesn't come until the second week of January, but I'm looking forward to it.


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