Two thousand and fourteen

The New Year rang in with style at Skarvatnet outside of Oppdal. There was turkey, there were homemade fireworks, and of course there was...

An ominous icy hole is being dug in a frozen lake... 
Vibeke knows where this is going, and it can't be good...
Me on the way into the water

Frédéric on the way out, Playboy towel flapping in the wind
Audun is excited as he enters the water
But shocked by the cold on the way out
Julie looks a little scared

Kenny finds the whole ordeal relaxing
...the traditional New Year's swim!

Miss something on the blog last year? Here's a list of some of my favourite posts in 2013, to read or even reread:
Hopefully two thousand and fourteen will be just as exciting, even though I have a master's thesis to write this spring. I have a lot of vague plans, but the bigges so far is my family's full-scale invasion of the John Muir Trail (JMT). This will be my first long backpacking trip. We've looked through my father's pictures from his through hike of the JMT in 1981, and I'm expecting it to be pretty spectacular.  I'll definitely blog about the hike itself, but you can also look forward to me geeking out planning for the trip. Backpacking trips warm the souls of us poor gear junkies!

Even though I have this big trip to look forward to, my New Year's resolution is to create more small adventures. Every weekend is an opportunity when you make it one. On that note, happy new year, and may your next year have as many adventures as the last!

- The Wild Bazilchuk